Technology Operations

Closing the technology talent gap

Are you in need of a dedicated technology partner to deliver fast, effective results?
Perhaps you want to take on more projects, but lack access to qualified people? 

With Intria, you can have access to a network of tech experts with domain expertise.
We provide you with an experienced offshore development team to boost your local capacity
and augment your capabilities. With help from our outcome-driven and highly disciplined professionals,
your team will be enabled to deliver maximum business value and focus on more fundamental tasks.

How you can benefit from offshore tech operations

Upskill your workforce

Fill talent gaps with our tech talents with wide industry experience. We handpick our team to ensure high-quality delivery.

Accelerate growth

Automate and rapidly modernize to stay ahead of the game. At Intria, we are dedicated to helping you scale by investing in the right resources.

Save costs

Our low-cost based team allows you to lower your labor costs, while at the same time enabling you to take on more projects, and increase revenue.

Quickly adapt

Avoid the risks of premature scaling, while quickly adapting to fluctuating staff and changing needs, by leveraging us on a project-to-project basis.

What we offer

Full-stack developers
  • Front- and back-end (ReactJS, NodeJS)
  • Development (lead) experience across industries

Cloud engineers
  • Transform your business with modern cloud technologies
  • Certified team 
  • Seamless security and compliance controls
  • 24×7 support

Data science experts
  • Leverage data analytical skills to generate actionable insights
  • Know-how of complex machine learning use cases

Project managers
  • Scrum certified with an agile approach
  • Proven track record & experience with managing offshore teams


Interested to learn more about how our tech experts can help you?

Read our case study

Learn how we helped our retail client by performing web scraping tasks and optimizing their core platform.

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