Our client is an established aviation services company in Macau.


Ground operation delays potentially cost airlines and ground handlers millions of dollars in penalty every year. As air traffic volume increased 38% at Macau within one year, it was vital for every component of airport operations to work with agility and efficiency to respond to dynamic and unforeseen changes.


Ground Ops Assist is a product built on our proprietary Auto-ML Platform, developed to track and reduce aircraft turnaround delays. With real time feed from the mobile app, ground operations can take preemptive actions on a specific activity to mitigate. Ground Ops Assist’s AI module estimates each activity’s expected completion time (adjusted based on day of operation) and predicts Target Off Block Time (TOBT). So far Ground Ops Assist has processed 146,000+ flights, continuously learning in the process.

  • Phase 1: Mobile solution to capture flights and various operational metrics in digital format.
  • Phase 2 POC: Use Decision Assist that predicts the on-time performance of operations in real-time and trigger alerts when appropriate.