Intria advantages

Aviation & Travel Industry x Emerging Technology

Combining years of airline, airport and travel distribution experience with cutting edge technology implementation such as artificial intelligence, internet of things and edge computing

Delivery Best Practice

Agile team with Scrum certified

practitioners and complex program and project delivery experience

OUr offering

Make early detection of operation issues with Decision Assist

Our product offerings are designed in view of digitizing the physical world with one business problem at a time using breakthrough technologies.

Decision Assist generates flight ETD forecast from the moment an aircraft arrives or commences departure preparation to enable early detection of turnaround operation issues that require attention. With the full visibility of potential ripple effect impact from one delayed flight to others in the rest of the day, necessary preventive actions can be made accordingly.

OUr services

Digital Transformation

From mobile, wearable device, RFID, Internet of Things (IoT) to video analytics, Intria offers a range of consulting services to help you digitally transform your operation


Our data experts can help you improve the performance of your operations with data-driven insights and predictive modelling

Our team


OUr vision

Achieving operational excellence with technology

Our experience tells us technology solution only achieves maximum efficacy when it is designed with people in mind.

Intria was founded in 2012 with a mission to enable aviation and travel companies to increase competitiveness through innovation. Our focus is to provide our clients a one-stop solution to the development of cutting edge capability through our deep aviation & travel business domain experience and cutting edge technology knowledge.