Customer Relationship Management

Build meaningful, lasting relationships with your customers using HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot is a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system providing a central platform to store customer data, track interactions, and share information with colleagues. Its powerful and easy-to-use tools help you attract, engage and delight customers. 

With HubSpot’s full suite of marketing, sales, service and website management software, your are empowered to grow your business without compromise and achieve your goals efficiently.

HubSpot vs. Other CRM systems

What you'll get

360-degree overview of your customers
Marketing, sales, service, and website management tools
500+ integrations with other software and channels
Award-winning support with courses, blogs, live chat, etc.

Benefits of HubSpot

All-in-one platform to organize and track your customer data and communications
High ease of use with a customizable interface, allowing for effortless adoption
Upgrade at any time. HubSpot scales with you as your business grows and your needs change

Intria - Your HubSpot Experts

As a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner, Intria is in a unique position to help you both deploy and use HubSpot CRM, marketing, sales and service tools. We help our clients integrate HubSpot into their existing technology stacks, enabling them to launch powerful sales and marketing campaigns with comprehensive reporting and attribution.

We have highly trained staff members who live and breathe HubSpot every day and have extensive experience with solutions integration across various industries. We help you unlock everything HubSpot has to offer, so you can start seeing business value from your HubSpot investment quickly.

What we offer

We help articulate your problems and needs, offering and assessing solutions, and then suggesting an implementation roadmap for the selected ones.

Setup of your HubSpot portal from start to finish, including your required features such as CRM, chatbot, landing pages, marketing automation, etc.

Integrate HubSpot with your existing technology solutions and communication channels (e.g., Messenger, WhatsApp, email) to streamline your operations.

Equip your team with knowledge and skills to use the new systems to maximize their acceptance level.

Assistance with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure perfect operation of the solutions for your needs before production deployment.

We provide you with business analysis support during and 3 months post-project to ensure a smooth digital transformation for all your stakeholders.